Martial Arts & Kinesiology in Scottsdale, AZ.

Touch For Health I, II, III and IV

Including Applied Kinesiology for Physicians

Richard Hurtado is a 30+ year student and teacher of martial arts and a 15+ year teacher of the human body healing art known as Touch For Health Kinesiology.

Richard has trained students from all fields of expertise all over the world in Touch For Health and has trained students in Martial Arts for so many years that some of his students are now teachers themselves.

Richard is laid back, fun, energetic and an all around people person. He knows so much about the human body it will amaze you.

If you are looking for some of the best instruction on martial arts, healing, kinesiology or simply just don't want to feel old and tired anymore...go to the contact page and call or sign up for the newsletter.

"Thanks for visiting my website, stay in touch!" - Richard